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So you're a social demon (the good kind) and have followers literally all over the place. Our little platform brings together all your hard work across various accounts and blogs, and consolidates them into one place. It allows you to describe how you want the world and potential brands to see you - enabling you to create your own digital shopfront. It's convincing stuff!

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Endorse allows its beautiful users to dive way down deep into their audience. Discover the age of followers, what their gender breakdown is along with what they're interested in. When brands are looking to target certain audiences for influencer campaigns this kind of info is music to their ears!

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Engagement is like a super power in the world of influencer marketing. With brands looking for influencers with a highly engaged audience, its not all about the total following. Endorse allows you to learn from and showcase the engagement of blogs and social accounts. Traction is a beautiful thing and something campaign partners have their eye on.

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We’ve become pretty pally with agencies that work with Influencers in recent times. We actually used to be an agency ourselves, and created our platform with them in mind. The problem we solve is to offer a clear view of an influencer's social footprint, their social analytics and reach, at the click of a button. We’re finding more use cases of how we help agencies win, including our soon-to-be-released campaign measurement tool. #squadgoals

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Build an Influencer Brand
with a custom report

We help you keep it simple, stupid (you're not stupid).

Your Brand

Our reports are their to help influencers looking to monetise their blogs, develop their passion and build a career through their social influence. There’s also a nifty little feature that allows you to add your own logo too.

Live Analytics

Understand that audience of yours, who they are and what makes them tick. Developing your market is powerful stuff when it comes to getting noticed and recognised in your field.


Social Dashboard

We group all of your social accounts together whilst displaying the engagement of your audience. Endorse works across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and can also include your blogs... because we’re like that.

Social Selling

We get it, you want to be out there strutting your stuff for brands you love. Our platform allows you to download your influencer report by a click of a button that can be sent to brands on request, doing a lot of the hard for you - so you can focus on being super social.

Agency Benefits

Having got in the trenches with agencies on the influencer frontier we understand a lot more about how our reports can help.


Be able to integrate our reports to cDs, mediaslide or other agency proposal or bookings software. This allows agencies to always be asking the question if a client wants to utilise their model or influencer’s social profile.

Fake Followers

Manipulated follower counts have quickly become an industry headache. When presenting an influencer to a client, go in knowing the details and get a better understanding of an influencer’s real reach and fake followers.

Meetings & Data

Be able to generate reports on your client's own social following – this can be used to work out which of your influencers would be a great brand match for their campaign brief, or to take into meetings. Endorse provides agencies with an ammo of data that can’t be fired at will!


Look the part. In a fast moving industry, first impressions can be so important. Well presented agency branded reports not only allow their clients to make quick decisions but also showcase that their agency means business in the influencer marketing space!

Endorse Social Pricing

Choose which package suits your influencer requirements.

  • Influencer (Free Trial)
  • Create a free influencer report to get a better fit and feel of what we do.
  • Free
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Influencer Image
  • Profile Description
  • Contact information
  • 1 Report
  • 1 Download
  • Get A Report
  • Influencer (Pro)
  • Create your own fully integrated influencer report, understand your audience and brand yourself like a pro.
  • £9.95 / month
  • £24.95 / 3 months
  • Everything included in the
    Influencer (Free Trial) package
  • PLUS
  • Audience Age Demographics
  • Audience Gender Breakdown
  • Audience Location
  • Audience Interests
  • Buy Now
  • Agencies (Premium)
  • Understand your influencer audiences at scale, help monetise their social reach alongside your agencies branding to your clients. (Minimum 25 influencer profiles.)
  • Contact us for pricing
  • Everything included in the
    Influencer (Pro) package
  • PLUS
  • Blog analytics
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Authentic Reach
  • Client Reporting
  • Contact Us

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